For its 13th Carte Blanche, the Hermès store at Hong Kong International Airport is exhibiting a piece by the French artists Zim&Zou, 'The Eternal Jungle', which is an invitation into the wild.

The window installation creates an intriguing contrast between the jungle, a world that is dominated by wild animals, and one of great refinement, the world of Hermès. The window is influenced by the abundance of vegetation in Hong Kong.

The installation displays the finest skills in paper-cut art and leatherwork. Remaining faithful to its original purity, the artists create intricate objects with the paper, a material both beautiful and versatile. The 'Monkey', 'Toucan', and 'Chameleon' are all handcrafted and brought to life with leather offcuts carefully selected from the Hermès workshops.
A million thanks to Alex, Audrey, Greg, Nadège, Julio, Christèle, Camille, Julia, Charli, Thomas, Anna for your precious help in cutting so many leaves...

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